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September 2008 - According to a news release by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), the FMEA fourth edition was released in July of 2008. As of November 1, 2008, the requirements of the fourth edition replaced those of the previous edition.

The OEMs have also indicated that all companies registered to ISO/TS16949 are expected to be following the fourth edition guidelines during future surveillance or registration audits after November 1, 2008.

The AIAG also reported that FMEA implementation is not only expected to be utilized by the supplier, but also is expected to be implemented in the entire supply chain. Said the Ford Task Force member, We fully expect the Tier One suppliers to implement the FMEA fourth edition guideline throughout the supply chain for risk avoidance.

The new FMEA 4th Edition Manual is available for purchase through the AIAG website at www.aiag.org.

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  FMEA Awareness Training if your team members are not yet familiar with the requirements and use of FMEA methodology, we can provide the training necessary to give your team a good basic understanding of this tool.

  FMEA Training To Your Supply Chain Partners while current direct OEM suppliers should already be familiar with the FMEA methodology, it is more likely that the lower-tiered suppliers (the suppliers of the suppliers) may not be very knowledgeable of this tool. McGan Business Solutions can provide awareness training to bring your suppliers up to speed so they can meet your OEMs expectations of your suppliers.

  FMEA Development Facilitation MBS can facilitate your teams FMEA development activities on those product development processes critical to your success.


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