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Supplier Management Activities


Does your company maintain a full-time, staffed Supplier Management Department, or a Supplier Quality Engineer who interfaces with your Supplier community?

If so, MBS can be a cost-effective alternative for this necessary activity.We can handle those necessary Supplier Management activities on an as-needed basis - reducing your labor costs and freeing your in-house team to focus on other key activities.


÷  Potential Supplier Investigation / Assessment - our team will assess potential suppliersí capabilities to meet your requirements.Let us do the leg work for your team.

÷  On-going Supplier Assessment- where your Quality System includes on-going Supplier Assessment, MBS can perform Quality System assessments at your Supplier location(s) as required.

÷  Production Approval Process (PPAP) Management - we will communicate supplier approval requirements to your suppliers and handle all required approval activities.

÷  Supplier Training to Improve Quality- MBS will provide targeted, specialized training, as necessary, to help your suppliers improve their Quality performance.

÷  Problem Resolution Activities - should a quality issue arise with the supplier, we will work with the supplier as necessary to develop an effective problem resolution, using your Quality systemís approved method.

÷  Source Inspection Activities -MBS will perform special or on-going source inspection activities where those activities are part of your Quality Plan.



We would be happy to discuss other Quality-related Services

your company might require.


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