MBS Services

Lean Methods

·  Lean Overview Training

·  Training in Specific Lean Methodologies

·  Assessments of Lean Status

·  Kaizen Workshop Facilitation

·  Lean for Office / Service

·  Error-Proofing Methods

·  5S / Visual Control

·  Standardized Work

Quality Systems

·  Problem-Solving Workshops

·  Assistance in Achieving or Maintaining Quality System certification

·  Quality System Auditing

·  Quality System Development / Documentation

·  Supplier Development / Management

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MBS -- Helping Identify Your Business Solutions

McGan Business Solutions can analyze your current business situation. Using proven Lean Manufacturing methodologies, we offer solutions for Cost Reduction, Process Efficiency Improvement, Quality Improvements, or Labor Efficiency Enhancements.

Phone: 270-823-2831
Fax: 443-658-2295

Email: dmcgan@mcgangroup.com

53 Dorsey Street
Corydon, KY 42406

(270) 823-2831


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Training and Consulting in Lean Manufacturing Methods and Quality System Optimization

David McGan
McGan Business Solutions
(270) 823-2831