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4-Hour Lean Overview Workshop

Non-Profit Healthcare Agency  - “I was amazed at how simple it was for me to take the same techniques presented in the MBS Lean Overview workshop and immediately start seeing how I could use the methodology in our own healthcare process at Matthew 25.

“The major thing that resonated with me was the importance to actually set aside time to observe the processes that exist in our operation.  In doing so, I saw right away that we had a clinic nurse office location that required too many steps in between patients and that the nurse was responsible for maintaining the flow of the clinic; yet she was located in a place that rendered her blind to the hallway where all the flow of patients occurred!  Easy fix…we moved rooms around… no cost!

“We have also started observation and discussion about how many copies we make of one document to ensure that everyone who needs to see the information would have it. What we are working towards is just routing the piece of paper.  One person can get the info they need, initial that they have seen it, and then pass it one -- Saving paper and keeping the shredding bill at a minimum.”

Cyndee Burton

Matthew 25 AIDS Services Administrator

Henderson, Kentucky





1-Hour 5S Mini-workshop

Chamber of Commerce Office - "In just a single one-hour seminar, Dave McGan was able to show us how to consolidate, reposition and streamline some of our office functions so that we could be more productive. He also showed us how to think in ways that enable us to be our own efficiency experts. So, not only did he feed us, he also taught us how to fish. That's value-added consulting.

"Dave's homey, engaging style makes learning fun. But don't let the 'aw, shucks' demeanor mislead you. Dave has nearly four decades of experience in industrial quality control, and he is an authority on Lean Manufacturing practices. He also understands how to make complex ideas easier to understand and apply. Businesses of any size or variety can benefit from Dave's knowledge. I highly recommend allowing Dave to share his insight and expertise with your organization."

Brad Schneider


Henderson-Henderson County Chamber of Commerce




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