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MBS is the Midwest US Representative of Lake X-Ray, providing complete Real-time X-ray Sales and Service.

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MBS Areas of Expertise


Ö        5S / Visual Control

Ö        Standard Work

Ö        Value Stream Mapping

Ö        Flow

Ö        Pull / Kanban Systems

Ö        SMED (Quick Changeover)

Ö        Poka Yoke (Error Proofing)

Ö        Ergonomics

Ö        Kaizen Workshop Facilitation

Ö        Simulation Development / Delivery

Ö        Problem-Solving,

Ö        ISO 9000 / TS16949 Quality System requirements

Ö        Quality System Auditing


If You Have Already Started The Lean Journey…


Companies who have previously contracted with other consulting firms as they began their initial lean journey (such as KMAC, Indiana MEP or others), will find that MBS can be a VERY cost-effective way to sustain your company’s Lean Journey. 

If you’ve found that the progress of Lean has diminished after the initial training, we can help you keep your journey on-track.  Don’t let your initial investment in Lean training go to waste.

MBS can provide follow-up training or facilitation for your team, or initial Lean training for new team members, on an as-needed basis.

Our simple fee structure makes it very cost-effective to have on-going support readily available – something that most other consulting groups cannot provide.

We’d be glad to discuss it more with you.  We’re just a phone CALL away.



Business Strategies for Efficiency Improvements and Cost Reduction

MBS is available to assist your business in the areas of Process and Quality improvement, as well as Quality and Environmental System development.  Whether your business is Manufacturing, Service, Retail, or Professional, we have found the additional perspective we provide will reveal additional opportunities to gain even more efficiencies for your business.  Let our “outside eyes” show you how processes can be improved, problems can be solved, team members can become more involved, and business profits enhanced.  Our philosophy is to act as a coach for you and your team, to “teach you to fish.”


We can also augment your current staff in the areas such as Training, Quality and Environmental Management, Internal Auditing and Supplier Development / Supplier Management.  Look over the information here and at the various links offered.   MBS would like to be your partner in Success.


Lean Solutions Section


Ö        Lean Development Services

Ö        Workshops

Ö        Lean Glossary

Ö        Lean Reading List

Ö        Value-Added / Non-Value-Added – LESSON SHEET

Ö        4 Essential Keys for Continuous Improvement Success

Ö        Toyota Lean Quiz

(complements of Toyota)


Ö        On-Line Lean Brochure

Ö        Download Lean Brochure

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Ö        Optimizing Lean Efforts With “Outside Eyes”

Ö        The Case for Now!

Ö        Preparing For The Coming Recovery


MBS Lean Related Services

(Call for more information or to discuss  other services not listed)

·     Lean Overview Training

·     Training in Specific Lean Methodologies

·     Assessments of Lean Status

·     Kaizen Workshop Facilitation

·     Lean for Office / Service

·     Error-Proofing Methods

·     5S / Visual Control

·     Standardized Work



Quality Solutions Section

MBS Quality Related Services

·  Quality-Related Services Overview

·  Quality / Environmental System Development / Documentation

ž                     Assistance in Achieving or Maintaining Quality or Environmental System certification (ISO9000, TS16949, ISO14000)

ž                     FMEA Requirements

·  Quality / Environmental System Auditing

ž                    Complete, comprehensive internal auditing services.  Leave the details of meeting your internal auditing activities to us.

ž                    Certified to RAB Lead Auditor ISO 9000 / TS16949 with Core Tools (meets auditor training requirements of TS16949)

·  Supplier Development / Management

ž                     Supplier Management Services

·  Problem-Solving Training / Workshop Facilitation


Ö        Real-Time X-Ray / Fluoroscopic Equipment

·       Sales and Service of New and Rebuilt Equipment at very competitive prices

·  X-Ray Operator Training at your location – improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your x-ray machine operators with our customized training.


High Pressure Die Casting Process Technical Expertise

·  Process Optimization

·  Process Problem Solving

·  Casting Defects Solutions

·  Die Cast Alloy Metallurgy

·  Meeting Automotive Quality Requirements

·  Quick Die Change

·  Reduction of Destructive Testing (Scrap)

·  Safety

Learn more about our special services for Die Casters

Die Casting Consultants Group


MBS brings a common-sense approach, developed through years of real-life experiences, to achieve effective Continuous Improvement for your company.  Others may help you learn the tools of Lean; but MBS will help lead your company through the cultural change necessary for ultimate success.  Without that change, you won’t get the best value for your investment. 

MBS provides optimal value for your very modest investment in our services.

More Interesting Reading…



If you are a Leader of a company considering the Lean Journey, this book is a MUST READ for you and your senior staff.


“Real Lean: Unsolved Problems In Lean Management” – by Bob Emiliani


Art Byrne’s ‘Reflections on Lean Management” on pages 11-50 is itself well worth the price of the book.



4 Essential Keys for

Continuous Improvement Success


We’ve prepared a summary of the factors which are necessary to achieve critical success in any Continuous Improvement journey.


Failure to utilize any one of the 4 Keys will lead to inferior results of your efforts.

Read it Here



North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) recently published an MBS Article:

“Quick Die Change –

A Key to a Successful Future”


Published in the May 2010 Issue of Die Casting Engineer, Vol. 54, No. 3

“One key Lean tool that helps meet the customer demand for just-in-time delivery and smaller volumes -- while providing the die caster with improved equipment utilization, productivity, and low inventory -- is Quick Die Change….. “

Contact us at 270-823-2831 to discuss a Quick Die Change Workshop

at your Plant, or

Click here to request the complete article.


The Case for NOW!

You may think that the time is not right for your company to work with MBS to begin or improve your Lean management activities.  This White Paper presents the case for why NOW, in reality, could be your BEST opportunity for Lean action to help secure your company’s future.

Go to The Case for Now! to see why.


Value-Added vs Non-Value Added

All processes are made up of either Value-Added Activity (what the customer is willing to pay for) or Non-Value Added activities.

Learn more about the impact of Value-Added and Non-Value-Added activities at the following link:

MBS Value-Added / Non-Value-Added Lesson Sheet


A Partial Descriptive List of MBS Services…

McGan Business Systems can provide analysis to identify specific potential improvement opportunities – and the Lean Development training and activities to benefit from those improvements.  Call or email for specific information on:


Ö               Lean Opportunity Assessment

We can review your company’s current operations or processes to identify potential areas where Lean Management methods can lead to real improvements.  This documented assessment result then serves as a baseline against which to confirm future progress as you move forward in your lean journey.

Ö               Lean Methodology Introduction / Overview

This training will provide your Management team with an overview of the essentials of Lean methodology and is an excellent “first step” for those companies wanting to begin or begin a new phase of their Lean journey.  It includes hands-on simulation exercises to reinforce the concepts and learning.

Ö               Waste Identification Workshop

This workshop is targeted for a team activity.  First, the team will be taught to “see” the 8 Wastes” and then actively develop action plans to minimize or eliminate these wastes.  In just a few hours, real results can be seen, and your team will have new tools to become a valuable resource within your company.

Ö               Continuous Improvement Workshop

This workshop is designed to continue the work of the Waste Identification Workshop above.  Once the team has been taught to “see” the 8 Wastes,” additional tools are introduced, as appropriate, including Standardized Work, Workload Balance, Kanban.

Ö               Cell Kaizen Workshop

This workshop combines components of the Lean Introduction, Waste Identification, and Continuous Improvement workshops above.

Ö               5S / Visual Control Workshop

Often, this workshop is one of the first activities when beginning the Lean Journey.  The discipline of 5S, coupled with the visualization of the workplace expectations through Visual Control methods, will help ensure that gains made are sustained through time.

Ö               Other Recommended Workshop / Training Activities

Ų      Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Ų      Quick Change-over Workshop

Ų      Error-Proofing Workshop

Ų      Ergonomics Improvement Workshop



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