Lean Reading List


Over time, I have found the following books to be key resources for understanding the underlying key principles of what is commonly known as “Lean.”  Most of them should be available through Amazon.com or Productivity Press.


I encourage you to begin building your Lean Library by clicking on book links under “I Recommend” at the right.


v     = Key Recommended Reading (my own personal priorities)


v    “Real Lean: Unsolved Problems in Lean Management” - Emiliani

v    Toyota Production System” – Ohno

v    “The Machine That Changed The World” – Womack &  Jones

v    “Lean Thinking” – Womack & Jones

v    “The Toyota Way” – Liker

v    “The Toyota Way Field Book” – Liker

v    “Creating A Lean Culture” - Mann

v    “Learning To See” – Rother / Shook

         “Today and Tomorrow” – Henry Ford

          “5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace” – Hirano

         “Kaizen for Quick Changeover” – Sekine / Arai

         “Quick & Easy Kaizen” - Bodek

          “Seeing the Whole” – Jones / Womack

         “Creating Continuous Flow” – Rother / Harris

         “Making Materials Flow” – Harris, Harris, Wilson

         “Creating Level Pull” – Smalley

         “The Gold Mine” – Balle

         “Working With Machines” – Baudin

         “The Goal” - Goldratt

         “Fast Track to Waste-free Manufacturing” - Davis

         Gemba Kaizen” – Imai

         “Visual Systems” – Galsworth