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Cost Savings/ Efficiency Improvements Through

Lean Methods


MBS Lean Training & Lean Tools Implementation Will

 Enhance Your Bottom Line


Lean Development Activities


MBS first assesses the current situation at your company and then works with your designated team or teams to systematically learn and apply the appropriate Lean tools to make real improvements in your company’s process.

Whether your company is a manufacturing operation or a Service organization, Lean methodologies will be effective in your company, to help reduce your costs, lead times and overall labor content.

That all leads to improved efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and sustainable Profits.


Ö  5S / Visual Control Workshops – creating order and consistency in your operation is a foundation of an effective process.   We lead your team from the initial understanding to an organized workplace.

Ö  Standardized Work – to improve a process, it must first be performed consistently, so that potential improvements can be seen.  We show your team how to effectively utilize consistency to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Ö  Waste Awareness / Elimination – a workshop format is utilized to help a team understand the 8 basic types of waste that can be present in any process.  We then work to eliminate or minimize the identified wastes, resulting in cost reductions or efficiency improvements.

Ö  Kaizen (small incremental improvements) – through a team workshop process, opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented, in a way that both teaches and actually results in real sustainable improvements.

Ö  Quick Change-over Methods – time spent changing from one model to another model in your process can be reduced significantly using methods we teach your team.

Ö  Error-Proofing (Built-in Quality) – we can facilitate your team’s efforts to make mistakes “hard to make.” 

Ö  Effective Problem Solving – we teach your team proven tools that lead to truly effective problem elimination.


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