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Real-Time X-Ray

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions


MBS is the Midwest representative for Lake X-Ray, Inc, with offices in Dowagiac, Michigan.


Lake X-Ray specializes in new, rebuilt and refurbished / used industrial x-ray equipment. 



Lake X-Ray also provides parts and service for most brands of industrial x-ray equipment.




Ø   Sales of New, Rebuilt X-Ray Systems

Ø   Replacement Parts, Service for all brands of x-ray equipment

Ø   Complete refurbishment / upgrade services for your existing equipment


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MBS’s alliance with Lake X-Ray fits very well with our overall focus on promoting and training in Lean Management methods.  Many companies utilize destructive methods to perform audit testing on their products.  These tested parts, in most cases, must be subsequently scrapped, contributing to the overall Waste / Cost of the process.  With real-time x-ray inspection, the inspected parts can be placed back into the value stream and sold to customers.


Training to Enhance X-Ray Operator Skills

MBS is available to provide additional training to your X-Ray operators.  This customized training includes:

          How X-Ray Machines Operate

          X-Ray Safety

          X-Ray Interpretation

          How To Optimize Effectiveness of X-Ray Examination



Typical Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Activities


Ø      Inspection of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Metals for internal voids

Ø      Qualification of the integrity of welds

Ø      Presence / absence of part design features - external (ADR)

Ø     Presence / absence of internal part design features (ADR)


MBS would be happy to review your current processes to identify possible X-Ray solutions.


Contact us today to discuss your training needs or how X-Ray be a part of your company’s process control and inspection activities.

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Email: info@mcgangroup.com