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“Lean Basic Training for Team Members”

A 4-Hour Training WORKSHOP


Each student will come away from this class with a better understanding of:

¦       Lean Overview, History of Lean, Applicability of Lean for your Business

¦       Importance of Active Lean Leadership (and what it looks like)

¦     Lean Principles, Concepts, Rules, Lean Tools Overview

¦       Recognizing Value-Added vs Non-Value Added Activities

o    Once you understand it, the easier it is to optimize your company’s processes.

¦     8 Wastes

o    Learn the 8 types of waste, how to recognize them, and why they need to be eliminated or minimized.

o     Participate in a video exercise to demonstrate how the 8 Wastes impact common, daily activities.

¦       3 Key Lean Tools—the Foundation of Efficiency

o    The steps of 5S—you’ll be able to put this tool to work immediately

o     Standardizing the work process to promote problem identification and resolution.

o     Making Work Flow

¦       Employee Involvement (Importance and Methods)

o    Techniques to get employees actively involved (and why they need to be).



We can customize training and consulting to meet your company’s specific needs.  If you would like to arrange for this or other lean- related training workshops to be presented at your company or at a public event in your area, please contact us at:


or call 270-823-2831


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